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Available on PC, Mac & Mobile.

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Your website can send Push Notifications!

Bring users back and increase conversion.

Available on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari, Web Push Notifications enable you to broadcast messages to your website visitors on PC, Mac & Mobile devices.

From now on, you don’t even need to have an app to send Push Notifications.
A website is all you need!

Overview of Web Push Notifications

What is a Web Push Notification?

Constitutive elements.

A Web Push Notification is an alert that contains an image, a title and a message, which are all entirely customizable. The domain name if set by default.

In addition, you can attach a URL to redirect web users to any page you want, and eventually add tracking parameters to analyze the impact in your Analytics tool.

what is a web push notification

Optimize the Web Push Opt-in Process

Ask the right way.

Just as for mobile apps, your users need to be opt-in in order to receive Web Push Notifications from your website on desktop or mobile.

With Accengage, you have the possibility to display an entirely customizable pre opt-in message to explain the benefits of receiving this new type of messages.

This necessary consent can be triggered on any page of your website, at anytime!

web push notifications opt-in process

Web Push Notifications on Desktops


Once your users are opt-in to Web Push Notifications, you will be able to send them messages, even when they have left your website.

If Chrome, Firefox or Safari are open, Web Push Notifications will be received instantly.
If you send a Push Notification while the browsers are closed, the messages will actually be displayed once Chrome, Firefox or Safari are reopened.

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Web Push Notifications on Android


Web Push Notifications on Mobiles have the same display formats as standard mobile app Push Notifications. They appear on the lock screen, while the phone / tablet is in use, and within the Notification Center, among classic App Push Notifications.

web push notifications on android mobile devices by jumia

A Fast & Simple Integration Process

Contact us today, start pushing tomorrow.

Implementing Web Push Notifications on your website is very fast and easy. All you need is to contact us so we can create an account, and give you a few lines of JavaScript code to be added on your site.

You will be surprised to see how simple it is.

And if you are wondering whether you could do it yourself using your Tag Management tool… well, the answer is yes!

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