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Send location-based messages.


Mobile Geotargeting

Sending messages at the right time and place.

Thanks to mobile devices, you can benefit from your app users location data to send them hyper-contextualized messages, which will let you boost in-store traffic, increase customer satisfaction, drive more sales, improve productivity, etc.

And unlike other Push Notification Solutions, there is no need to implement an additional SDK!

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Geomarketing Capabilities

Push Notifications & Geolocation

Starting with Geomarketing.

Take advantage of geolocation to broadcast Push Notifications based on mobile users’ past location & In-App Messages based on their real-time location data.

This type of location-based targeting is the easiest to start with, as there is no hardware deployment required and it works well outdoor (as long as mobile users have network access).


Push Notifications & Geofencing

Based on users’ real-time location.

Geofencing is particularly easy to set up as there is no hardware deployment required. All you need to do is set geofencing areas, which will trigger Push Notifications when your mobile users get in or out, even when the app is closed and the device is locked!

And unlike other Push Notification solutions, the Accengage Push Technology actually lets you create as many geofencing areas as you want and does not drain the battery.

A typical usage would be to send a Push Notification to a pedestrian walking by your shop so as to promote special offers and drive in-store trafic.


Push Notifications & iBeacons

Hyper-localized alerts.

The iBeacon technology enables marketers to deliver hyper-contextual content based on location, whether it is indoor or outdoor. These small bluetooth proximity sensors communicate with mobile devices to locate users from a few centimeters to a 30-meter radius.

The Accengage Push Notification Technology is compatible with all iBeacons, and enables you to benefit from all the mobile data collected by the SDK (language, number of visits, app version, profile and behavioral data, etc.), as well as external data from your CRM / DMP tools.

iBeacons are typically used to send Push Notifications indoor as there is no 3G/4G network access required: sending a welcome Push Notification to people getting into your shop or encouraging them to present their loyalty card when they get close to the cashier…

push notifications with beacons and ibeacons

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More



Send relevant messages
by collecting user data and creating dynamic or static segments of users.

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Increase reaction rates
by up to 4 times thanks to dynamic personalization of your messages.

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Industrialize tasks
which are repetitive and boost return on investment with automated programs.

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Next generation CRM
on mobile is now possible by interconnecting your CRM tool with Accengage.

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