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Let’s communicate with your Customers

Connect with your mobile users via push notifications and in-app messaging thanks to Accengage, the most advanced Mobile CRM Solution available on the market to date.

With more formats than ever, dynamic segmentation and targeting, real-time geofencing, notifications personalization, automation, interconnection with your CRM and Analytics Tools for next generation mobile CRM scenarios, A/B Testing, multi-app messages, badge management, Interactive Push Notifications…

Accengage has it all, and more!

Much more.

  push notifications and in-app messages

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Push Notifications and In-App Messaging Features

Wide Array of Formats

The market’s richest set of formats!

Push notifications, rich-push notifications, in-app messages (AlertBox, banners, interstitials), as well as an In-App Notifications Inbox with customizable templates… you will find more than you expect for your Mobile CRM!

Learn more about Formats >

Segmentation & Targeting

Segment. Target. Communicate.

Leverage collected data (user profile, preferences, in-app behavior, reaction to previous campaigns, location, CRM Data…) to create dynamic segments and target specific audiences.

Learn more about Segmentation & Targeting >

Dynamic Personalization

Make your notifications stand out!

Name, age, gender, town, interests, in-app actions, device, OS… personalization possibilities are just limitless, and will boost your app reaction rates by up to 4 times!

Learn more about Dynamic Personalization >

push notification personalization

Real-Time Geotargeting

push notification geofencing

Geofencing made easy!

Leverage Geofencing and iBeacon to drive customers in store by triggering a push notification when they walk by, unlocking specific content to users in definite locations, setting-up location-based events…

Learn more about Real-Time Geotargeting >


Automated Mobile CRM scenarios!

Easily set-up advanced trigger marketing campaigns and let Accengage deliver relevant messages to your users for you: welcoming users, anti-churn messages, birthday wishes, upselling and cross-selling actions to boost purchases, etc.

Learn more about Automation >

push notification automation


How your messages perform.

Target audience, number of push notifications sent, amount of reached users, bounce rate, click rate, impressions… you will get all the key metrics you need to find out how your push notifications and in-app campaigns perform.

Interconnection with your existing CRM Tools

Connect Accengage to your CRM Tool!

Leverage the info collected by Accengage and your CRM Tool to engage users more effectively!

  • Enrich your CRM with mobile data including push notifications and in-app message reactions
  • Improve the targeting of your mobile campaigns with your existing CRM data
  • Set-up multi-channel scenarios and find out which channel is most efficient for each user

Learn more about CRM Tools Interconnections >


Other features


Schedule broadcasts!
Either schedule the broadcast of your messages to your entire user base worldwide, at your own local time, or according to each user’s local time.

Unlimited A/B Testing

Let’s send that right message!
Test as many different messages as you want on a fraction of your user base, and discover the best performing message to broadcast within 5 minutes.

Deep-Linking Capability

Redirect users to the right page!
Send a deep-link along your push notifications to redirect users to specific pages within your application: a news article, registration page, in-app basket…


1 message. Multiple languages!
No need to set-up multiple campaigns: create one message & translate it in as many languages as you want. The right message will be sent to the right user.

Multi-App Messages

1 message. Multiple Apps!
Easily create your message and select all the applications you want to target. Notifications will be automatically sent to users of all selected apps.


Analytics Tools

Accengage is connected to Google Analytics by default. Easily connect to Omniture, AT Internet, comScore or others to enrich your analytics.

These Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • SDK Integration Test Tools
  • User Profiles Management
  • Customer Support
  • Large Set of APIs
  • Interactive Push Notifications
  • Set Push Notification Speed
  • Push Marketing Pressure
  • Smartphone / Tablet Templates
  • Portrait / Landscape Support
  • Custom Push Notification Sound
  • Support of Emoticons
  • Create States and Events
  • Custom-Parameters
  • Badge Notification Management
  • Detailed Statistic Reports
  • Import / Export Custom Data

The #1 Push Notification Technology

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Accengage is an advanced and intuitive Mobile CRM Technology, which lets us implement complex yet easy to set-up automated scenarios for our iOS and Android apps. It does all we could expect for our Push Notification Strategy, and clearly has a major impact on app usage!

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