Let's send relevant messages to those who care by targeting the right users. With Accengage, create any segment you'd like. That's up to you!


Optimize your campaigns by targeting the right users.


Send relevant messages. To those who care.

Targeting is key. Therefore, data is key.

Just as push notifications are efficient, it is crucial that you effectively broadcast targeted messages, so as to send relevant notifications to the right users, and avoid bothering others with unsolicited messages which would result in your app being uninstalled.

By implementing the Accengage SDK in your app, you will automatically gather information about every single one of your app users: device ID, device model, OS version, language, country, time zone, app version, install date, number of visits, geolocation data (if accepted by the app user), opted-in or opted-out for push notifications status…


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Go Even Further By Collecting Advanced Data

Target users based on their in-app behavior

Simply tag any in-app event that’s relevant.

By doing so, you will enable Accengage to store your users’ in app actions, what will then give you the possibility to target them based on their in-app behavior.

Example: you would like to increase your app registration rate?
Just tag the event “has registered” into your app. You will then be able to target all the users who have not registered via push notifications and in-app messages.

Target users based on the info they have filled in

Gather data collected by forms, surveys, polls…

Any information collected by your app can be transferred to Accengage for targeting and personalization purposes. Name, age, gender, address, city… any information that’s relevant to you can be used for your Mobile CRM.

Example: wouldn’t it be nice to be able to send a message such as “Happy Birthday Mike! As a present, we are pleased to offer you a 15% discount on any item in your San Francisco store today”.

Target users based on their reaction to previous campaigns

Send messages to users based on their behavior towards past messages.

You would like to send another push notification to those users who received your original notification but did not actually open it? Or to send another notification on day+1 to those users who opened it? Accengage lets you do that easily through its advanced features.

Example: “Reminder. You have 10 days left to start your free trial.”

Target users based on app external data

Connect Accengage to your CRM Tool.

Easily create bridges between your existing CRM Tool and Accengage so as to share information that will enable you to create advanced scenarios, and optimize user experience through unified communications.

Example: how about informing users about the delivery status of their orders ? or incentivizing them to do some shopping from their mobile when the weather is terrible in their area?

Let’s send your messages to the right users

Combine targeting criteria to create dynamic segments.

With all the information you have collected about your app holders (standard collected data, user profile and preferences, in-app behavior, reactions to past campaigns, etc.), you will then be able to create dynamic segments by combining targeting criteria using “and” / “or” operators.

But you could go even further by creating segments mixing targeting criteria based on data collected through your app and data coming from your CRM Tool that’s connected to Accengage.

Real-Time Location Marketing

Broadcast notifications based on location.

Also, the Accengage powerful Geofencing capabilities could be leveraged to trigger push notifications to app holders located within a certain distance from specific places.

What about promoting your current sales to people walking by your shop?
Or offering a coupon / any other incentive to drive in-store traffic via mobile devices?

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More


Go beyond classic
push notifications to engage your mobile users and increase in-app conversion.

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Increase reaction rates
by up to 4 times thanks to dynamic personalization of your messages.

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Industrialize tasks
which are repetitive and boost return on investment with automated programs.

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Next generation CRM
on mobile is now possible by interconnecting your CRM tool with Accengage.

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The #1 Push Notification Technology

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Thanks to Accengage, we’ve set-up advanced push notification scenarios triggered automatically by sophisticated dynamic segments including: “country”, “first open”, “open count”, “registration completed”, etc.
Accengage clearly is a must-have for its advanced targeting features!

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