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Formats Overview

Push Notifications

A classic, yet incredibly effective.

Opted-in users receive notifications with a sound alert, a text, and a badge that’s added on the icon. Users tapping on the notification are then redirected into your app.

With the power of SMS Marketing (smartphone / tablet screen is waken up), a low cost similar to Email Marketing, and the ability to double your active users rate, push notifications are extremely effective to boost engagement, retention and conversion!

push notification formats for iOS and android

Interactive Push Notifications

Add action buttons to your messages.

In a simple swipe, enable your users to display action buttons you have added to your Push Notifications. This will let them interact with your messages, without having to open the app!

Use Interactive Push Notifications to add any action button that you’d like to your messages:
like, share, register, add to the basket, purchase, rate the app, call, subscribe, remind me…

Android AlertBox

Boost your reaction rate.

Accengage exclusivity: AlertBox Notifications are available on Android!

This extremely efficient format allows you to display a window in the center of your screen which can be very useful whenever you wish to transmit important messages.

push notification alertbox

iOS 10 Push Notification Formats

Enrich your notifications with images, GIFs, videos & audios.

Since the release of iOS 10, you now have the possibility to attach media files to your Push Notifications in order to engage your app users with much richer content.

When the notification is received, a preview on the bottom right corner shows that there’s content attached. Users can then expand the Push Notification to display the whole message.

push notification formats for iOS 10

iOS Push Notification Carousel

Add multiple images to your notifications.

This new innovative format enables you to integrate up to 5 images that will rotate automatically inside your Push Notification according to the transition speed you select.

iOS push notification carousel

Rich-Push Notifications

Advanced notifications for rich media experiences.

Use Rich-Push Notifications to engage users with rich content (images, videos, maps…). Users receive a notification which opens the app and then triggers an HTML landing page.

These landing pages can be created within the Accengage back-office (HTML publisher or upload) and are sent along the notification, which gives you the flexibility to create them at any time.

You can also plug any URL you want to be used as a landing page: website, event page, etc.

In-App Messages

Engage all of your users from within your application!

Benefit from fully customizable formats to engage mobile app users who are navigating inside your application: pop-ups, banners, and interstitials.

Targeted in-app messages triggered in real time based on users actions come as the perfect addition for your communication in specific situations. What’s more, unlike push notifications, in-app messages can be displayed to all your users as they do not rely on an opt-in consent.

Don’t miss out on these impactful formats!

In-App Pop-Up Messages

  • Standard pop-up message with a native OS look
  • Very effective as it requires a user action to disappear
  • Have one or multiple buttons triggering different actions
  • Sample use cases: promote an app update to users who have not downloaded it yet, ask your best users to rate your app in the stores to improve your store ratings, inform users about a technical issue, feature the release of a new app, etc.

In-App Banner Messages

  • HTML banner which lets you display rich content
  • Upload your creatives or use the interface to design them
  • Place your banners anywhere you want within your apps: at the top, bottom, left, right or center of any page
  • Sample use cases: promote a feature to users who have not used it yet, run cross-promotion campaigns, trigger a banner with a specific message based on user’s in-app actions in real time, etc.

In-App Interstitial Messages

  • HTML interstitial which lets you display rich content
  • Upload your creatives or use the interface to design them
  • Very effective as interstitials take the whole screen or a significant part of it and clearly attract users’ attention
  • Sample use cases: use interstitials to display a tutorial when users launch the app for the first time, explain your opt-out users why they should accept to receive your push notifications, promote a product or an app, etc.

Inbox Messages

Centralise your messages in 1 place within your app!

With Inbox Messages, you will be able to send rich notifications which are stored within a message center located inside your application, anywhere you want.

Just like a regular email inbox, your customers will be able to access every single one of your messages at any time, keep those they want to access later, and delete the others.

Don’t underestimate the power of this new format!


Customise Your Templates

The right look and feel for your app.

Rich-Push Notifications, in-app messages, as well as the Inbox Message Center can all be customized to give that native look and feel that matches your app design for a perfect integration and optimized user experience.

Adjust the size, pick your colors, add borders, design your own buttons… you will find all the customization options that you need!

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More



Send relevant messages
by collecting user data and creating dynamic or static segments of users.

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Increase reaction rates
by up to 4 times thanks to dynamic personalization of your messages.

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Industrialize tasks
which are repetitive and boost return on investment with automated programs.

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Next generation CRM
on mobile is now possible by interconnecting your CRM tool with Accengage.

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