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Carrying each year 93 million passengers to more than 320 destinations worldwide at a rate of 2,200 flights per day, Air France is one of the leading global airlines.

With the development of its mobile marketing strategy, the company offers a unique and personalized travel experience on smartphone thanks to the Air France website and mobile apps, thus generating 11% of its online sales on mobile.

Downloaded by more than 6 million travelers, the Air France mobile app is used by one million monthly active users to buy their plane tickets, get relevant information about their flights, download their boarding pass and more.

Air France chose Accengage as its Push Notification provider for its Mobile Apps and Website.



Setting up multilingual, targeted, personalized and automated Push Notification Campaigns for Mobile Apps and Websites thanks to an easy-to-use tool with a user-friendly interface.

Creating interconnections between the CRM & DMP of Air France and the Push Notification provider to trigger operational notifications about the flights and set up a refined segmentation.


Increasing the opt-in rate with targeted In-App Messages

In order to increase the opt-in rate of its app, Air France set up a campaign encouraging the users who previously refused to receive Push Notifications to allow them by displaying an interstitial within the app.

Thanks to this campaign, the opt-in rate of the app increased from 45% to 62%.

Tips: contrary to Push Notifications, In-App Messages do not require users to be opt in and can be displayed for everyone.

Targeted In-App Messages

Improving the customer experience with automated Push campaigns

Thanks to the interconnections between Accengage and its CRM & DMP tools, Air France set up targeted and personalized campaigns to give users real-time information about their travel: warning users when they need to fill in missing information concerning their flight, announcing the boarding gate, on which carousel travelers have to collect their luggage…

Operational Push Notifications Air France

Optimizing the conversion rate with Push retargeting

A Push Notification is sent to the users who looked for a flight but did not purchase any ticket. When users click on the Push, they are redirected to the booking page with the information already filled in depending on their previous search.

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More actions carried out by
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Notation App Air France

Improving the app ratings with targeted In-App Messages sent to loyal users

Notifications Push Web Air France

Implementation of Web Push Notifications on the Air France website for mobile

Notifications Anti-Churn Air France

Anti-churn campaigns to encourage inactive users to come back into the app

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