February 24, 2015


Accengage Releases the First Push Notification Benchmark by Industry for iOS and Android

Paris, France – February 24, 2015 – Accengage, the European Leader in Push Notification Technologies for mobiles apps, is releasing today the first-ever ‘Push Notification Performance Benchmark Infographic by Industry for iOS and Android’.

This infographic enables app marketers to benchmark the performance of their push notification campaigns in terms of opt-in and reaction rates, in order to evaluate how they are doing, and to learn more as to how they could improve their push notification efficiency thanks to 8 smart tips.

Accengage analyzed the performance metrics of thousands of its customers’ push notification campaigns from January to December 2014, totaling 5 billion push notifications sent to 150 million app users worldwide through apps in 12 industries: E-Commerce, Media, Travel, Retail…

The study reveals meaningful variations across OS types and industries.

100% of Android users are automatically opt-in to push notifications when they download an app, versus 46% of iOS users who manually accept to receive them when prompted. When data is broken down by industry, the Accengage study demonstrates that iOS apps in the Classifieds Industry have the highest opt-in rate at 63%. Travel is second at 61%, followed by Telecommunications and Media tied at 49%. FMCG is last with a moderate 30% opt-in rate.

Accengage CEO Jérôme Stioui explained that, “industries with the highest opt-in rates include apps with strong brand notoriety, great quality of service, and transactional features or time sensitive information justifying the interest of being opt-in to receive push notifications.

6% average reaction rate across industries and OS types. But, Android push notifications greatly outperform those of iOS in every single industry, by up to 560% in Banking!

The infographic also reveals that 10% of the best performing push notification campaigns have an impressive 20% reaction rate or above on Android, versus 6% or above on iOS.

Jérôme Stioui explained that, “the amazing push notification performance we are seeing on Android is mainly due to the fact that Accengage has developed an impactful proprietary Push Notification format, displaying messages as an alert box on the home screen of the Android device, instead of a standard temporary banner that disappears quickly.

To learn more about the study, please check out: The Accengage Push Notification Infographic

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