Set up trigger marketing campaigns.


CRM campaign Automation

Advanced feature for advanced scenarios.

You want to make sure to send the right message, to the right user, in the right context?

It is essential to create automated push marketing notifications and in-app messages which are going to be triggered under predefined rules and data collected in real-time.

Effectively engage your users by industrializing repetitive tasks.


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Automation Possibilities

Automation based on data collected via the SDK
or declared into the app & website by users

Starting with Automation.

Once the Accengage SDK is implemented into your app or website, even in its most basic form, you will automatically collect numerous information about your users:
device model, OS version, language, country, install date, number of visits, etc.

Also, if you decide to go for a custom integration, Accengage can store any information provided by users within your app or website: name, gender, birth date, city, etc.

All this information can then be used to create trigger marketing scenarios.

push notification welcome automation

Automation based on behavior

Trigger notifications when users perform specific actions.

It is possible to tag any in-app or on-site actions that you want so that they can be stored into Accengage and used for targeting and personalization purposes.

Clicks, leads, product added to basket, sales, phone calls, visited pages, test of a feature, subscription to your newsletter, account creation, log in, videos played, articles read… any event can be used for advanced push and in-app notification scenarios via automation.


On mobile, local notifications can be triggered and sent to app holders instantly or X minutes following an in-app event, even when there is no network and the app is closed.

push notification retargeting

Automation based on real-time location data

Automated Geofencing Push Marketing.

Accengage lets you reach users based on their real-time location (Geofencing).

You can decide to create an automated scenario that triggers a message when users are located in a certain area, or you can upload an entire list of places at once. It’s up to you.

push notification geofencing automation

Automation based on existing CRM data

Going further with automation.

By connecting your CRM Tool to Accengage, you can share external CRM data which can then be used to trigger automated notifications and in-app messages for scenarios which will greatly enhance user experience and communication across multiple channels.

push notification service message

Automation based on all the criteria above

Advanced Automated Push Marketing for Mobile.

All the criteria above can be combined to create more sophisticated scenarios including standard data collected by the SDK, declared data, behavioral data, location data and CRM data coming from your existing CRM Tool. You will have all the info you need to create sophisticated programs.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More


Go beyond classic
push notifications to engage your users and increase in-app conversion.

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Send relevant messages
by collecting user data and creating dynamic or static segments of users.

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Increase reaction rates
by up to 4 times thanks to dynamic personalization of your messages.

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Next generation CRM
on mobile is now possible by interconnecting your CRM tool with Accengage.

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The #1 Push Notification Technology

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Thanks to Accengage, we’ve set up advanced push notification scenarios triggered automatically by sophisticated dynamic segments including: “country”, “first open”, “open count”, “registration completed”, etc.
Accengage clearly is a must-have for its advanced targeting features!

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