June 28, 2018


Accengage releases the 2018 Push Notification Benchmark, including for the 1st time performance indicators by day and hour, as well as average click rates of In-App Messages!

Paris, France – June 28, 2018 – Accengage, the European leading Push Notification Technology for Mobile Apps, Websites and Facebook Messenger, is releasing today the 2018 Edition of the Push Notification Benchmark for Mobile Applications.

This study, based on over 50 billion Push Notifications sent to 900 million mobile users worldwide from January until mid-June 2018, enables decision makers in Marketing, Digital, Mobile, CRM and E-Commerce to benchmark the performance of their Push Notification campaigns in terms of opt-in rates (% of mobile app users who accept to receive Push Notifications) and reaction rates (% of users who click on the Notifications) on iOS and Android, by Industry, continent, country, and, for the first time, by day of the week and hour of the day.

43.9% of the iOS users of a Mobile App are opt-in to Push Notifications, versus 91.1% on Android. This is mainly due to the fact that on iOS, users must manually accept to opt in to Push Notifications (active consent), while on Android, it is the other way around. New Android users are automatically opt-in when they download an app (passive consent), and they can then decide to change their Push Notification settings to become opt-out. It is in the Finance sector that average opt-in rates are the highest (72.3%), followed by the Travel (70.2%) and E-Commerce (68%) sectors. The top 3 European countries with the highest opt-in rates are: Italy (68.7%), France (68.4%) and Spain (67.9%).

The average click rate of Push Notifications is of 7.8% (4.9% on iOS, 10.7% on Android). As seen every year since 2016, iOS click rates are going up (+0.4 percentage point increase compared to 2017) while Android click rates are going down (-1.5 percentage point decrease compared to 2017). Android click rates remain high mainly because of the small app icon which appears and sticks at the top of the screen of the device within the status bar (next to the clock and battery indicators) until the last Push Notification sent by that app has been clicked, and because Push Notifications appear within the Control Center. The top 3 sectors with the highest reaction rates are: Travel (11.3%), Finance (9.8%) and E-Commerce (7.9%). Germany is the number one European country with the highest reaction rate (9.2%), followed by France (8.9%) and Italy (8.8%).

For the first time, the study reveals click rates of Push Notifications per day and hour. Click rates are the highest on Tuesdays with an average of 8.4%. When focusing on the hour of the day, we see that the average click rate is at its maximum at 11pm (11.4%). “Push Notification click rates are above average during non-working hours. It begins with lunch break with an average click rate of 8%, compared to an average of 6.5% in the morning. In the afternoon, click rates go down to 6,7% on average. It is in the evening that click rates skyrocket: they suddenly go up to 7,8% at 7pm and 9,2% at 9pm, to ultimately reach their peak at 11pm with a 11,4% click rate!” says Nicolas Vitre, Marketing Director at Accengage.

The study also reveals a 21.9% average click rate for In-App Messages (messages displayed within the application while in use). The most common formats are the AlertBox (18.3% click rate), Banner (12.5%) and Interstitial (34.9%). “The great advantage of In-App Messages is that, unlike for Push Notifications, there is no opt-in system. It is therefore possible for brands to broadcast targeted, personalized and automated In-App Messages to their entire user base! Customers who combine the use of Push Notifications to bring users back to the app with In-App Messages see their conversion rates double!” adds Nicolas Vitre.

The full results of the study are available here: The 2018 Push Notification Benchmark

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With 8 years of existence and over 100 employees, Accengage ( is the European leading Push Notification Technology for Mobile Apps, Websites and Facebook Messenger.

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