Other Push Notification Features

Those “nice-to-have” capabilities.


Engage your users in the most effective way!

Right time, right message, right language, etc.

With Accengage, you have access to all the features you need in order to set up the most effective Push Notification and In-App Message campaigns.

Whether it’s A/B testing, scheduling, marketing pressure, deep linking, emoticons, badges, sounds, multi-language or multi-app messages, Accengage provides all you need to optimize your mobile app and website performance!


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Features Available

Marketing Pressure

Avoid overwhelming your users.

Monitor the volume of notifications sent to each
user and limit the amount of messages you
can send them over a specific time frame thanks
to push marketing pressure management.

Example: don’t send more than 2 push notifications
per week per mobile app user.


One message. Multiple languages.

Thanks to the multi-language feature, you don’t have
to set up multiple campaigns to send your message in
multiple languages.

Create one message and translate it in as many languages
as you want. The right message will be sent to the right user
depending on the language of the device or the browser.

Emoticons, Sounds & Badges

Make your notifications stand out.

In order to be more impactful, your push notifications can include emoticons and custom sounds. You also have the possibility to display a badge in the top right corner of the application icon to let your users know that they have one or more pending notification(s).

Deep Linking

Redirect users to the right page.

Send a deep link along your push notifications
in order to redirect your users to the right page
within your application or website: a news article,
registration pages, in-app basket, reservation pages…
Doing so will provide your customers with an enhanced
user experience, and help you boost conversion.

A/B Testing

Send the right message.

Thanks to the A/B testing feature, you can test
as many different messages as you want on a
fraction of your user base, and discover the best
performing message to broadcast to the rest
within 5 minutes!


Program your broadcasts.

You can either schedule the broadcast of your
messages to your entire user base worldwide,
at your own local time, or schedule it according
to each user’s local time. This feature enables you
to reach each user at the right time.

Multi-App Messages

One message. Multiple apps.

Save time by creating your message and selecting all the
applications you want to target. The notifications will be
automatically sent to all users of the selected apps.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More



Send relevant messages
by collecting user data and creating dynamic or static segments of users.

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Increase reaction rates
by up to 4 times thanks to dynamic personalization of your messages.

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Industrialize tasks
which are repetitive and boost return on investment with automated programs.

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Next generation CRM
on mobile is now possible by interconnecting your CRM tool with Accengage.

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