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Case Study

Orange is a multinational telecommunications provider for mobile phone, landline, and Internet services to over 200 million customers.

With over 170,000 employees and an annual turnover exceeding €40 billion, Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators.

Among their many mobile applications is Libon, a VoIP and instant messaging app, enabling its users to call and instant message their contacts for free on any 3G or Wi-Fi network.

www.libon.com   –   www.orange.com


To leverage Accengage to implement a custom Mobile CRM Program with the purpose to increase registration rates & log-in rates, develop usage by promoting its features, and generate word of mouth.


Targeting users based on their status: new users without an account, users who created an account but haven’t used any features, subscribed users who came at least X times into the app, subscribed users who have not opened the app over the last X days, etc.

Creation of automatic programs with custom messages depending on the status of the users, to have them perform specific actions within the application: creating an account, entering their validation code, testing a particular feature, inviting friends to try the app, etc.

Broadcast multilingual notifications, sent to users according to their language.

Redirection of users to specific pages within the app thanks to deep-linking: “special offer” page, “greetings” page, “contacts” page, “invite friends” page, etc.


Improved registration rates
A difference of 22 points between targeted users and the control sample

Active user rate increase
Mobile users who received at least one push notification opened the app 30% more than the control sample

Increased usage of features
by users targeted by push notifications


Thanks to Accengage, we’ve set-up advanced push notification scenarios triggered automatically by sophisticated dynamic segments including: “country”, “first open”, “open count”, “registration completed”, etc.

Accengage clearly is a must-have for its advanced targeting features!

Chief Marketing Officer 

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