Push Notifications Case Study


Case Study

With over 300,000 employees, a turnover exceeding 100 billion dollars and leading brands (Nespresso, Kit Kat, Smarties…), Nestlé is the largest food company in the world.

As part of its strategy to increase loyalty among consumers of the Nestlé brands, the company created the “Croquons la Vie de Nestlé” Program, offering editorial nutritional advice, discounts and news about the group to registered members.

Nestlé is now using mobile apps and push notifications in its 360 CRM Strategy.



Creating automated mobile CRM scenarios so as to increase user engagement,  reactivate lapsed users to minimize churn, and improve top-of-mind awareness.


Set-up of 3 programs:

1. Welcome Program: automatic broadcast of a push notification the day after the app was installed, 7 days after, and 14 days after, to remind new users about the key benefits of the app.

2. Loyalty Program: broadcast of monthly and seasonal push notifications featuring recipes.

3. Lapsed Users Reactivation Program: getting app holders to come back to the app by automatically reminding lapsed users who have been inactive for 20 / 25 days about the key benefits of the app.


Welcome Program
>20% of users clicked at least once

Lapsed Users Program
>10% reactivation rate

Better user experience
app engagement increase and lower churn rate

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