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With close to 3,000 employees, a turnover exceeding 1 billion dollars and operations in 26 countries, La Redoute is one of the largest e-commerce apparel retailers in the world.

La Redoute makes French style accessible to all -with stylish looks and timeless pieces – plus guidance on how to look good on its website, catalogue, mailings, etc.

The company released its first mobile applications in 2010, as part of its consumer sales multi-channel strategy, and picked Accengage as its Push Notification and Mobile Retargeting Solution.


Using the Accengage Mobile Retargeting feature to boost in-app sales conversion.


In order to optimise sales conversion, La Redoute decided to retarget mobile app users who had added a product to their basket, and later left the app without finalizing their purchase.

Users opted-in to push notifications are now retargeted via push notifications, reminded about their abandoned product, and redirected straight to the in-app basket thanks to deep-linking.

Users opted-out to push notifications are retargeted via mobile display ads (banners and interstitials) in third-party apps through RTB on the Mobile Ad Exchanges, thanks to the Accengage DSP.

For maximum impact, Accengage provides real-time dynamic personalization of the La Redoute mobile ads including the name, picture, details and price of the content left in the basket.


Push Notification reaction rates are 3 times higher than for classic push notifications

Display retargeting CTR
is 2 to 3 times higher than on classic mobile ads

Display Retargeting ROI
is 4 to 8 times better than with classic mobile ads


We boost conversion rates by retargeting mobile users who have added a product to their basket without finalizing their purchase via push notifications and dynamically generated mobile adverts. Click rates on retargeting ads lead to an ROI up to 8 times higher than for classic ads!

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