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What is a Facebook Messenger Push Notification?

Brand-new communication channel.

A Facebook Messenger Push Notification is a message that you can send through Facebook Messenger, on mobile and desktop, to the people who have either initiated a discussion with your Facebook Page, or accepted to receive your messages within Facebook Messenger.

On desktop, it looks like a classic Web Push Notification from Facebook Messenger.
On mobile, it appears just like a usual App Push Notification from Facebook Messenger.

With this innovation, you will be able to send Push Notifications to any Facebook user,
even if you don’t have a mobile application!

what is a facebook messenger push notification

Overview of Facebook Messenger Push Notifications

The Facebook Messenger Push Opt-in Process

3 ways to become an opt-in user.

In order to be able to send Facebook Messenger Push Notifications to your app users or website visitors, you must first have collected their consent to receive your messages.

1 – Via the Facebook Page.

Users automatically become opt-in once they have initiated a conversation with you via your Facebook Page.

New: Facebook now provides a Messenger Code for every single page and which can be scanned by users inside the Messenger App. After scanning the code, users are redirected to the associated Facebook Page to initiate a conversation with you (and become opt-in).

facebook page or messenger code opt-in

2 – Via the “Message Us” plugin.

This plugin can be integrated within your app and website.

People who click are redirected to your page in Messenger so that they can immediately start a conversation with you.

On the desktop web, users are sent to messenger.com.
On mobile, they are sent to the Messenger native app.

Once in Messenger, users need to talk to you or click the “Get Started” button to become opt-in.

3 – Via the “Send to Messenger” plugin.

This plugin can be integrated within your app and website.

The “Send to Messenger” plugin can be used to immediately opt in users without redirecting them to Messenger.

“Send to Messenger” is particularly useful because, unlike the “Message Us” plugin, it lets you add parameters such as a purchase ID or user ID which can be tied to the authentication event.


The Facebook Messenger Push Formats

Templates you can use with Accengage.

facebook messenger push notification formats

Leverage the data collected via your Mobile App & Website

Send targeted messages within Facebook.

With all the information you have collected about your app holders and website visitors (standard collected data, user profile and preferences, in-app behavior, reactions to past campaigns, etc.), you will then be able to create dynamic segments by combining targeting criteria using “and” / “or” operators.

Manage your Facebook Messenger Campaigns

A simple & intuitive interface.

Accengage gives you access to a web interface where you can easily manage your Facebook Messenger campaigns: create your segments, create your messages and then analyze the impact of your campaigns through the statistics dashboard.

Our customers use the same interface to create their Push Notifications for Mobile Apps, Websites & Facebook Messenger.

push notification and in-app message standard statistics

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