Push Notifications and In-App Messages Case Study

Real Estate

Case Study

With over 100,000 sales professionals, 7,000 franchised broker offices and operations in 77 countries worldwide, CENTURY 21 is considered as being the most respected brand in the real estate industry.

Since 2012, www.century21.com has been the most visited real estate franchise web site. In addition, CENTURY 21 is also recognized as a leader in e-marketing and has received numerous awards.

The company is now using Accengage as its Mobile CRM Solution.



Increasing the amount of active users, optimising retention and engagement rates, promoting app usage and generating leads (calls).


Creation of dynamic segments so as to send targeted push notifications and in-app messages based on the app install date, the number of days since the last visit and the amount of visits.

Automatic Activation Program: welcoming new users, giving tips and suggesting actions.

Automatic Reactivation Program: promoting key app features to inactive users.

Testing the broadcast of messages at different time slots to find the most appropriate moment to send push notifications in order to maximise reaction rates.

In-app messaging program asking the most active users to rate the app and improve ratings.


Increased application usage
by users targeted with push notifications

Optimized reaction rates
by sending messages at the most appropriate hour of the day

Volume of app store ratings
6 times higher thanks to in-app messaging

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