Unified Cross-Platform Communication.


Go further in your Mobile CRM.

Link Accengage with your CRM Tool!

Accengage can be linked to your existing CRM tool and DMP so as to create advanced targeted, personalized and automated Mobile CRM scenarios, while ensuring a consistent communication across all channels for an optimal customer experience.

Customer data can either be imported or exported via API or batch FTP/sFTP uploads between the two platforms or more, according to your needs and requirements.



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Imports / Exports / APIs

Import Data From Your CRM Tool

Enrich Accengage.

Import raw data from your CRM Tool which will be used for segmentation purposes within Accengage, or simply import segments that you have already created within your CRM Tool for use by Accengage.

Other types of imported data could include: user profile data (name, age, gender, etc.), user preferences (e.g. subscription to specific types of alerts: shopping, high-tech, news, etc.), behavioral data (e.g. purchase of a ticket online), etc.

Export Data To Your CRM Tool

Enrich your CRM database.

On the other hand, Accengage can export any information that’s collected about your mobile users to your CRM Tool:

  • Standard data collected by the SDK: device ID, device model, OS version, language, country, time zone, app version, app install date, last open date, number of visits, geolocation data, opt-in / opt-out for push notifications, etc.
  • Data declared within the app: first name, last name, gender, age, address, city, country, etc.
  • Behavioral data: clicks, leads, purchases, visits of specific pages, use of features, subscription to certain alerts, etc.
  • Reaction to previous campaigns: received / didn’t receive, opened / didn’t open, clicked / didn’t click

Numerous APIs

Facilitating data sharing.

Accengage comes bundled with numerous APIs giving you access to its core functionalities and collected data. These essential tools provide a consistent programmatic method which will help you save time, increase organizational efficiency, and create advanced and innovative Mobile CRM scenarios.

For instance, our APIs enable our customers to create and send their messages from within their own CRM interface.

Our APIs can also be used to import / export data between Accengage and your CRM Tool.

Sample Use Cases

Advanced & Innovative Mobile CRM Scenarios.

Let’s get serious with Mobile CRM and Cross-Device Communication!

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More


Go beyond classic
push notifications to engage your users and increase in-app conversion.

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Send relevant messages
by collecting user data and creating dynamic or static segments of users.

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Increase reaction rates
by up to 4 times thanks to dynamic personalization of your messages.

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Industrialize tasks
which are repetitive and boost return on investment with automated programs.

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The #1 Push Notification Technology

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vente-privee.com is interconnected with Accengage to manage daily sales alerts and automatically send personalized notifications to users registered for specific sales in our system. We particularly appreciated the availability of the support team when implementing the solution.


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